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34 People Have Been Arrested by Hong Kong Police and 6 of Them Charged

34 People Have Been Arrested by Hong Kong Police and 6 of Them Charged

On Monday night, Hong Kong riot police confronted pro-democracy demonstrators as they gathered to commemorate the 3-month anniversary of an assault by more than 100 protesters, commuters, and journalists.

The stand-off within the Yuen Long district, by which there were no immediate clashes or scuffles, followed violence when tens of thousands marched through the Kowloon district, and hardcore activists threw petrol bombs at police, torched entrances to metro stations and trashed hundreds of shops.

Under a policy that deems marches illegal, except they have a police permit, police have been blocking the way to around 100 protesters trying to reach the Yuen Long metro station in Hong Kong’s northwest and closed the station five hours early.

Protesters are angry that police didn’t act quickly enough to protect pro-democracy activists and commuters from the July 21 gang assault on them within the Hong Kong metro, and at what they are saying is a sluggish investigation into the incident.

Police have arrested 34 people, and 6 of them been charged.

Protesters are demanding universal suffrage, an independent inquiry into alleged police brutality, amnesty for these charged, an end to labeling protesters as rioters, and the formal withdrawal of a China extradition bill, which ignited the unrest.

In recent years, on-time some believed the men had been hired to attack the group. Some politicians and activists have linked Hong Kong’s shadowy network of triad criminal gangs to political intimidation and violence, sometimes against pro-democracy activists and critics of Beijing.

Riot police marched down the street, ordering protesters to disperse on Monday, warning they’d fire tear gas. At one stage, they rushed protesters and detained one individual.

At one stage, scuffles broke out between pro-Beijing supporters and protesters.

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