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A Family’s Future Was On Shaky Ground Cause Of Earthquake

A Family's Future Was On Shaky Ground Cause Of Earthquake

On Saturday afternoon, a family of five was looking for shelter from the scorching Trona, Calif., sun below one of the lone patches of shade that might be found in the town.

They’d slept in their cars by the churchyard on Friday night and weren’t thinking on returning to their home till a few days had passed.

Their house had not suffered immense structural damage, but it surely was unimaginable to walk by the hallways, the entrances to the rooms have been blocked, and the floor was littered with toys, food, plates and everything else that had fallen out of cupboards and off the walls.

“My mom is in a wheelchair,” stated Cynthia Thompson, 43. “So we simply stood still, we couldn’t move.”

Thompson’s father just lately had a bone marrow transplant to deal with his bone cancer, and he wasn’t physically able to move his way to safety either

Throughout the earthquake, Thompson didn’t need to leave her dad and mom alone in the home — however, she did ship her eight-year-old daughter, Brooke, out the window.

“It was actually scary,” Brooke mentioned. “I thought I was going to die.” In front of them was a decreased air mattress, which a few of them planned to sleep on outside that night.

The Thompson family suffered no major accidents. However, they’re scared and overwhelmed by having to wash all the things they’d collected over the long-time dwelling together.

Others in the neighborhood had been doing the same. Thompson and her father drove again to her home, together with Brooke, leaving the remainder of their family back in the shade.

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