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After Analysing For Years, A Man Discovered That It Was A Rare Meteorite

After Analysing For Years, A Man Discovered That It Was A Rare Meteorite

In 2015, David Hole was analyzing in Maryborough Regional Park close to Melbourne, Australia.

Armed with a metal detector, he found one thing out of the bizarre — a really heavy, reddish rock resting in some yellow clay.

He took it home and tried every little thing to open it, sure that there was a gold nugget contained in the rock — in spite of everything, Maryborough is in the Goldfields area, the place the Australian gold rush peaked in the 19th century.

To crack open he discovers, Hole tried a rock saw, an angle grinder, a drill, even putting the thing in acid, however not even a sledgehammer may make a crack. That is as a result of what he was trying so hard to open was no gold nugget. As he discovered years later, it was a uncommon meteorite.

“It had this sculpted, dimpled look to it,” Melbourne museum geologist Dermot Henry told The Sydney Morning Herald.

“That is formed when they come through the atmosphere, they’re melting on the surface, and the atmosphere sculpts them.”

Unable to open the ‘rock,’ however still intrigued, Hole took the meteorite into the Melbourne Museum to be identified.

“I’ve checked out lots of rocks that folks think are meteorites,” Henry told 10 daily.

In reality, after 37 years of working on the museum and inspecting 1000’s of rocks, Henry explains only two of the choices have ever turned out to be actual meteorites.

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