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During The Prime Day Of Amazon, The Workers Decide To Go On Strike

During The Prime Day Of Amazon, The Workers Decide To Go On Strike

2019’s upcoming Amazon Prime Day is true across the corner, and Prime members are gearing up for what is sure to be one busy day for workers on the profitable on-line purchasing company. Nevertheless, with the company having usually been topic to the discussion of flawed labor conditions, Minnesotan Amazon employees might be going on strike during Prime Day.

Whereas Amazon has historically been very consumer-friendly, providing these within the gaming market regular discounts on video games, they’ve garnered an adverse status with a lot of their warehouse staff. Though Amazon is trying to account for this by providing a wage of $15 an hour for each worker, it seems this has not made a lot of an impression in some areas. Amazon warehouse employees in Shakopee, Minnesota are organizing a strike for Prime Day on July 15, which is about to be one of many site’s most-trafficked days of the year with sizable discounts on a plethora of things, including video games, electronics, clothes, and more.

Many protest members expressed their dedication to the upcoming strike. However, the company itself issued a response through email, stating that “Amazon offers already what this outside organization is asking for.” The email adds, “We invite anybody to see for themselves by taking a tour of the facility” situated in Shakopee, Minnesota.

The protest happening can be within the form of a halt to the workflow that may last about six hours incomplete, together with a piece stoppage for 3 hours on the day shift’s end and the same time frame on the night shift’s beginning. Until 2019’s Amazon Prime Day, the corporate may have never confronted a protest on a day with such projected high sales in America.

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