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Google Voice Assistant Now Has A Second Voice With Nine Language Options

Google Voice Assistant Now Has A Second Voice With Nine Language Options

Assistant in the U.S. has 11 different voices; Google customers in different parts of the world solely have one. Google Assistant on Android, Home, and Smart Displays now includes a second voice in nine completely different languages.

Assistant launched with a single voice — often called “Holly” — earlier than gaining a male one in 2017. Last year, Google added six new voices at I/O and rounded out the year with two more. Google additionally switched to a color-based naming scheme where Voice I turned Red, Voice II Orange, and so on.

This technique was born out of Google, not wanting to use any labels on voices. It makes for enjoyable, whimsical names like “Sydney Harbour Blue” and “British Racing Green.” Each is identifiable, whereas being precise colors. The final addition was in April with the John Legend “Cameo” voice that introduced the U.S. English total to 11.

This week’s growth is targeted on giving the rest of the world their first alternative. Nine Assistant languages are gaining a brand new voice: English within the U.K., English in India, French, German, Japanese, Dutch, Norwegian, Korean, and Italian. After the rollout, “Red or “Orange” shall be out there, with Google randomly assigning a voice throughout set up.

Behind-the-scenes, all of right this moment’s additions have been constructed utilizing DeepMind’s WaveNet speech synthesis model. Deep neural networks create uncooked audio waveforms which are more sensible and natural with excellent pitch and pacing. Google took care to verify Assistant understands how folks in these nations talk, accents, cultural references, and geographic markers. The objective is to create voices that sound like a pure speaker.

From the Google app, a brand new Google Assistant voice might be chosen by navigating to “More” at the bottom bar > Settings > Google Assistant > Assistant tab > Assistant voice. It will likely be accessible on Android phones and tablets, Google Home, and Smart Displays this week.

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