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Platforms Like Twitter And Facebook Has Been Removed By The White House

Platforms Like Twitter And Facebook Has Been Removed By The White House

President Trump on Thursday is hosting a social media summit with a few of his largest social media supporters and a few lawmakers. Facebook and Twitter have reportedly been rejected from the summit.

This comes at a time when the president, an enthusiastic person of social media — particularly Twitter which he usually deploys to rally his base — has been reprimanding the social media platforms, accusing them of silencing those who assist him.

One visitor, a Twitter person who goes by CarpeDonktum, stated that when he received the e-mail invitation to the White House, he thought it could be spam.

He requested that we withhold his actual name. He states he fears punishment towards his family.

The stay-at-home dad in Kansas is a star in the conservative social media world — with greater than a hundred thousand followers on Twitter. (His moniker is a play on the Latin phrase carpe diem — that means seize the day. CarpeDonktum, seize the donkey, refers to Democrats.)

He is a prolific creator of pro-Trump pictures and videos mocking the left, which he tweets out. A number of his spoofs have been re-tweeted by the president.

CarpeDonktum introduced his invitation on Twitter. And, yet, Trump has attacked those same social media platforms which have been so key to his success. The White House has stored quiet concerning the visitor list. Nevertheless, it appears to include the Trump Twitterverse, conservative social media personalities who orbit around Trump’s Twitter star.

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