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Southern California Was Hit By A Strong Earthquake

Southern California Was Hit By A Strong Earthquake

A 6.4 magnitude earthquake knocked Southern California on Thursday and officials stated it was the largest to hit the area in 20 years. The quake hit close to the town of Ridgecrest, which is situated about 160 miles northeast of Los Angeles.

Some accidents have been reported in Ridgecrest, authorities stated, however, the area is presently unclear. A city within the hospital was abandoned, and officials are evaluating structural harm to the building.

The United States Geological Survey mentioned the earthquake struck at 10:33 a.m. PT. The earthquake was originally given a magnitude of 6.6, however, was later changed to 6.4. The earthquake was felt greater than 150 miles away in Los Angeles. However, no damage was recorded.

This was the biggest quake to hit Southern California since 1999 and a weird reminder of the 1994 Northridge quake. The magnitude 6.6 earthquake killed no less than 57 individuals and triggered billions of dollars in damage.

The city of Los Angeles has decreased the threshold on its earthquake app following public outcry, CBS Los Angeles reported. Residents weren’t alerted to the quake on Thursday through Shakealert L.A. as a result of it only recorded at magnitude 4.5 in Los Angeles county

“We hear you and can decrease the alert threshold with @USGS_ShakeAlert,” the City of Los Angeles tweeted. Giant cracks opened up in roadways between Trona and Ridgecrest where at magnitude earthquake struck on Thursday. The damage was reported on Highway 178.

Officials found cracks on roads throughout the city. However, the California Highway Patrol stated overpasses and tunnels have been OK, the Associated Press announced.

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