Trump Falsely Claimed That China Is Being Charged For The Tariffs

Trump Falsely Claimed That China Is Being Charged For The Tariffs

It came in close to the end of a speech earlier than the Economic Club of New York. President Donald Trump mentioned the U.S. was taking in billions and billions in tariffs that, he claimed, “China is paying for.” For good measure, he added, “we’re not paying.”

It was an exceptional remark just for its frequency of use. The truth is, in line with an evaluation by Yahoo Finance, Nov. 12 was at the least the 100th instance in 2019 that Trump has falsely claimed that China is “eating” or “being charged” or in some way “paying” for the tariffs his administration has imposed on Chinese imports.

Trump’s declare has been debunked by reality, checkers again and again and again and again. Politifact stated that Trump’s statements that China is paying tariffs and that the cash is being handed to farmers “simply doesn’t reflect how tariffs work.” (Chinese exporters do bear a few of the price of U.S. tariffs in varied methods: they’re typically pressured to supply U.S. importers a reduction to assist defray the prices of upper U.S. tariffs.)

But the criticism hasn’t slowed him down. The primary 2019 occasion was Jan. 3. In what seems to be his first public comment on China in 2019, Trump tweeted that “The US Treasury has taken in MANY billions of dollars from the Tariffs we’re charging China.” Virtually 10 months later, it was an almost identical refrain throughout a cabinet meeting: “We’re taking in billions of dollars in tariffs from China,” he mentioned on Oct. 21.

All instructed he has made the false declare a minimum of 15 occasions by way of tweet, 12 occasions in media interviews, and 73 instances throughout public speeches or in feedback to reporters to this point in 2019. In a single type or another, the president has made the declare about as soon as every three days on average.