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Ways To Watch The Shower Of Meteor In LA

Ways To Watch The Shower Of Meteor In LA

The Perseid meteor shower, likely the most anticipated of the year, overlaps with the Delta Aquarids.

After a dearth of few months, summertime meteor showers are firing up, and now is an ideal time to scope out a dark sky close to Los Angeles. First up is the Delta Aquarid meteor shower. Think about it a dress rehearsal for the highly anticipated and sky-party worthy Perseid meteor shower. The two showers overlap in early August, and both are already active.

Over the next week, we’re anticipating temperatures in the 70s and 80s within the coast, in the higher 80s downtown and high 80s in the valleys.

The Delta Aquarids, which formally began on July 12 and ran via Aug. 23, favors the Southern Hemisphere. However, the show continues to be seen from mid-northern latitudes. They’re going to peak here around July 28, producing around 10 to 20 meteors an hour. An approaching new moon on July 31-Aug. 1, will make for optimum viewing situations.

The perfect viewing times are after midnight and before dawn, no matter your time zones. says a few of the best locations to watch meteor showers near the Los Angeles area are Holcomb Valley Road Trail in Big Bear city because of the elevation and complete darkness, Joshua Tree National Park, which is commonly dark and cloudless at night, and the Cleveland National Forest’s Palomar Mountain, which has a world-class observatory. Los Angeles proper might be hit and miss due to the coastal marine layer. The surrounding mountains and deserts are your best bet.

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