52 Reflection On Feminine visions Of Year 2021

There are issues that are not as easy to resolve as they appear for 52 Reflection in 2021 Take, for example, a mysterious subject like the visions that some people claim to have . That the rest of us do not have the same perception, does it mean that they do not exist? What if they were the ones who are right and not us.

This is partly about the new work by Los Detectives, the female company formed by Mariona Naudin, María García Vera and Marina Colomina, which receives the title of I think house, I say chair and that can be seen from today and only until the next Sunday at the Antic Teatre.

This experimental montage aims to explore the world of medieval mysticism through the texts of a woman advanced to her time, Hildegarde von Bingen (although she is not mentioned at any time). This woman was a religious, writer, composer, scientist and doctor and is considered the pioneer of natural history. A figure with a career as exciting as it is little known that is worth discovering.

Let’s go back to the show itself, which opens with a stage featuring a censer hanging from the ceiling and three cubes of different shapes on the floor while ancient choral music plays. The three artists welcome us and place one of the cubes on the head of one of them.

which prevents her visibility as she hits the air with a billiard cue. They lie on the ground and cover themselves with a sheet until one of them takes it away and the others are exposed. It is the most disconcerting section of the montage.

One of them welcomes the other two and recites one of the texts referring to feminine visions to move on to one of the funniest moments in which seriousness and transcendence are put to an end to go on to speak on a lacquer pot and go directly to the public (“they are there because they expect something to happen”).

They then continue in that casual tone to request the collaboration of a spectator whom they present as their slaves and are willing to do whatever they want (basically, an ironic reference to classic female submission) using a somewhat special technique. .

They say that if you activate this newsletter in front of a mirror at midnight, Pocholo appears and takes you to a party. Ana Sánchez reveals to you the most original plans in Barcelona every week.

A guitar helps them create a rather absurd song while they play with the highest and lowest tones and continue to show us three very different types of compulsive laughs. They scream and move around from side to side, undress, roll on the floor while music plays, only to disappear behind a closing door. Beyond the tastes of each one, it must be recognized that their dedication is undeniable.

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