Labor Plans To Allocate 800 Million Euros For Youth Unemployment

Reducing the high rates of youth unemployment will be one of the top priorities of the new package of active employment policies that the Government has approved and for which it will allocate, as a whole, 3,469 million euros .

The substance of the challenge represented by lowering the current 40% unemployment rate among Spaniards under 25 years of age means that of those almost 3,500 million euros, 800 million will go specifically to young people.

This is how the Ministry of Labor will consider itto the autonomous communities on April 28, which will be the ones that will have to accept (or not) this approach. Well, by competences, they are the ones in charge of conveying the bulk of the occupation policies in Spain.

The third vice president of the Government, Yolanda Díaz , appeared this Friday to give an account of the first stone in the strategy to reorganize active employment policies, to reduce the high unemployment rates that chronically weigh down the Spanish labor market.

In total, 3,500 million euros will be deployed to this task; 2,111 million have already been approved by the Council of Ministers and will be distributed on April 28 among the autonomies. And to that amount it is necessary to add another 258 million specifically for the agricultural sector and another 1,100 million that are at the expense of the arrival of European funds.

This injection of resources intends that, this time, Spain ceases to hold the dishonorable title of the European Union country with the highest unemployment rates and, in turn, youth unemployment. And to win where others failed, Díaz intends to follow a policy of constant evaluation and self-evaluation of money.

Know how it is spent, if that expense works and condition the renewal of funds to the fulfillment of objectives . In short, to be able to answer the question, until now without an answer, of: ‘How many people find work thanks to the public employment offices?’.

Until now, and despite the substantial amounts of public resources earmarked to tackle unemployment, Spain has lacked common indicators among the different autonomies to measure the effectiveness of these measures. “We have to render accounts and the autonomous communities too”, declared Díaz. To this end, Airef will monitor public spending on employment programs, training and hiring incentives from this year, in order to be able to examine what works and what doesn’t.

Stability for occupants
Another of the objectives that has been set as a priority to implement this employment strategy is to grant stability to the network of 4,000 job counselors that currently operate in Spain, between the SEPE and the regional services (such as the SOC ). Well, the vast majority of these are employed with work and service contracts, of annual or biannual duration.

This implies that their permanence in the same position is often less than the time that the people they advise are unemployed. The objective was verbalized this Friday by the third vice president, but the formula to solve this deficiency in the public employment offices is not yet known.

Part of those 3,500 million announced by Díaz will go to reinforce that network of 4,000 counselors, which in part will also depend on the criteria of each autonomous community and on how the new Employment Law is configured, which will consolidate certain services that someone must support.

Strengthening the network of counselors and attacking youth unemployment was already an initiative that, with partial results, was initiated by Yolanda Díaz’s predecessor, the socialist Magdalena Valerio. She launched the Shock Plan for Youth Employment 2019-2021 , which aimed to hire 3,000 new counselors and reduce youth unemployment by 170,000 people. The advance of the elections and the premature end of the legislature left said plan half-executed.

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