Bengoa Believes That Protection Measures For The New School Year Should Be Greater

The former director of Health Systems of the World Health Organization (WHO) and former Minister of Health of the Basque Government, Rafael Bengoa, has considered that the protection measures for the next school year should be “greater” than in the previous one, for the Delta variant of covid-19.

In an interview on Radio Vitoria, collected by Europa Press, Bengoa has analyzed the coronavirus pandemic and the possibility of inoculating a third dose of the vaccine soon.

In his opinion, it is possible to have “enough vaccines” to ensure that 10% of vulnerable people in developing countries are vaccinated, as advised by the WHO, and vaccinated at the same time in Europe with a third dose at the most. vulnerable.

“I think it is compatible and it is not necessary to oppose the two, although it is true that there would not be enough vaccines if the entire population were vaccinated, as Israel says,” he said.

On the other hand, it has recognized that there are studies that determine that the loss of antibodies occurs more in “older people, as they have a weaker immune system” and, therefore, the third dose should be destined to “those over 75 years”.

“With the previous variant of the virus, 70% of the vaccinated population might have been, but the Delta makes us raise the bar for group immunity to almost 90%,” he said, adding that they should continue to vaccinate young people and “children may need to be vaccinated.”

In his opinion, with the return to classrooms of the youngest children will have to continue creating bubbles in September, using masks, ventilation systems and “perhaps CO2 meters.”

In this sense, it has opted to increase protection measures due to the fact that the educational course will start this year under the threat of the Delta variant .

“The bubbles and protections this year have to be greater. It is very important that, now that the return to school is prepared, to know that the masks or the CO2 meters represent an investment to ensure that the return to school is safe”, has indicated, to add that 4-5% of children suffer a persistent covid for weeks.

Force to vaccinate
Finally, and given the possibility of forcing health workers or professionals who work with older people to vaccinate, Bengoa has argued that in those countries where there is great resistance to vaccines, as in the cases of the US, France or Germany, this it will end up “regulating”.

However, he has argued that in the case of the Spanish State it should be chosen to “try to convince the workers rather than force them” , as there is less “resistance to vaccines”.

After recalling that the Delta variant is “more transmissible and causes a higher viral load,” he warned that, therefore, the situation is “different from last year.”

“The need to control those who care for vulnerable people is going to be important. The uncontrolled Delta variant in a residence is going to create a lot of problems. Older people are vaccinated, but it may not have worked at all, so you have to make sure that all workers are controlled, “he argued.

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