BBVA Bolsa Climbs Another Two Places In The League

It is not very common for a fund marketed by one of the large banks to be among the best in the League for the active management of elEconomista, although last year Lola Solana’s Santander Small Caps managed to end the year as one of the that most had contained the losses.

Hence, the rise that BBVA Bolsa has been leading in recent weeks stands out . Recently it had been placed among the ten products with the best profitability data in the classification of the most active funds on the Spanish stock market and in recent days it has continued its climb to reach eighth place, with a revaluation of 14.87% in the year.

Rodrigo Utrera comes from the José Caturla school in Aviva, which at the time Iván Martín, the founder and investment director of Magallanes Value Investors, was also a member. At BBVA AM he has been the head of Spanish and European equities for four and a half years , and the head of the BBVA Bolsa, a task in which he is accompanied by Carlos López, Alejandro Refojo, Diego Salvador and Andrea Gallo.

According to the fund’s latest report, corresponding to the first half of this year, the management team invested in Acciona Energía’s IPO, which “seems to us to be a very good opportunity to have exposure to renewables.” In addition, they have reduced their position in Acerinox , CTT , Coca Cola European Partners and Aperam .

“We have taken the opportunity to reduce quality companies from our investments but whose path we see limited in the short-medium term. In general, we have seen a good market path accompanied by a recovery in results, in many cases higher than those they had before It is the companies that have best withstood the impact that have been able to stabilize their results, such as Acerinox, Coca Cola European Partners and Aperam “, the report highlights.

The rise of this BBVA fund has been possible in part due to the drop in the Okavango Delta , managed by José Ramón Iturriaga in Abante, which now ranks ninth in the league, ahead of Santalucía Espabolsa , which is down one notch . On the podium, Horos Value Iberia remains the leader , with almost 22% profitability, followed by March International Iberia , with 18.47%, and Magallanes Iberian Equity , with 17.78%. In total, there are 19 active funds on the Spanish stock market, present in the League, which offer a double-digit revaluation.

Funds that had started the year as red lanterns of the classification are going back every week a little more. This is the case of Caja Ingenieros Iberian Equity , which with 6.62% is in 24th place, or of Fidelity Iberia , now managed by Mac Elatab and Karoline Rosenberg, which gains 5.61% and is in the position 27.

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