Mandatory Vaccination Lands In Companies Around The World

In the last month alone, the number of job offers that require potential workers to be vaccinated has doubled in the United States, according to the job search portal Indeed.

A dynamic that extends throughout the country as more and more multinationals impose mandatory inoculation among their workforces. Measures that resonate in the rest of the world, where many countries impose incentives and sanctions to promote immunization in the face of the advance of the variants of Covid-19.

In recent weeks, large American employers have been filling the void that the Administration of President Joe Biden struggles to fill at a time when only 50.4% of the population has received a full course of the vaccine .

More than a dozen companies, including Walmart, Google, Facebook, Walt Disney, Tyson Foods, McDonalds and United Airlines, have taken the lead by imposing immunization mandates that either cover part or all of their employees.

But these policies do not come without criticism, as many managers juggle to maintain a balance between public health goals and labor relations . Thus, for example, in the particular case of Walmart, the largest private employer in the country, its vaccination mandate does not cover the most vulnerable employees such as workers in its stores and warehouses. Of course, for those who are not included in the regulations, the company has doubled its cash incentive to get vaccinated up to $ 150.

One of the fears of many companies regarding broad vaccination mandates is that they may scare off workers at a time when labor is already scarce, especially in sectors such as retail and catering.

According to a survey conducted by Morning Consult, 18% of workers say they would resign if they had to face mandates related to the pandemic. That said, another survey conducted by this consultancy estimates that 56% of US adults believe that employers should demand vaccination from both their employees and their customers.

Employers on this side of the Atlantic can encourage and enforce immunization against Covid-19, with exceptions for some of their workers with disabilities covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act and those claiming sincere religious beliefs under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 .

The guidelines supported by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) are consistent with this position and supported by the federal courts in their most recent rulings. In fact, a federal judge recently ruled in favor of cruise operator Norwegian Cruise Line’s requirement to require proof of vaccination from its passengers, thereby decimating attempts by the state of Florida to ban such mandates.

The city of New York will become the first major American city to require, as of September 13, a vaccination test for customers and staff of restaurants, gyms and other closed businesses , at a time when the country Enter a new phase of fighting against the Delta variant.

Outside the US, some European countries have also introduced compulsory vaccination for certain professions. Italy requires this for healthcare personnel and pharmacists. France and Greece also include staff in nursing homes and those who care for an elderly or sick person at home.

In France, the compulsory nature of Covid-19 passes is also emerging to access restaurants, bars, shopping centers and many tourist places, as well as trains and airplanes.

A similar measure has been implemented in Greece , where proof of vaccination or recent recovery is required to access restaurants, cafes, bars and cinemas. Children can come in with negative tests. English nightclubs and other crowded venues will require customers to provide a full proof of vaccination from the end of September.

For its part, Moscow has presented a plan that requires 60% of all workers in the service sector to be fully vaccinated before August 15, according to the Moscow Times . In May, Saudi Arabia forced all public and private sector workers who wanted to go to a workplace to be vaccinated. Vaccination will also be required to enter any governmental, private or educational establishment and to use public transport.

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