Maximum Money Allowed That You Can Take On A Trip Abroad

This is the maximum money allowed that you can take on a trip abroad. From a certain amount, all cash outflows must be declared. The fines for the omission of this duty are very high and are always monitored.

With less and less force the money in cash, however there are many who still use coins and bills to pay for their services. More abroad, where many times there is reluctance to use the card due to a possible commission charge , the Tax Agency has clarified what is the maximum allowed from which the amount of money you take out of Spain must be declared .

In constant fight against economic fraud, the Ministry of Finance has once again come to the fore to remember that there is an amount of physical money, from which its movement must be declared either within or outside national borders . With a lower amount for going abroad, which could involve money laundering, the agency makes it clear that the fines for not reporting it can be very severe.

And although there is no limit to carry in cash , Spanish law does not mark if you can take more than 500,000 or 2 euros in cash on a trip outside the borders, it must be declared from 10,000 euros . In amounts equal to or greater than this or its change in the corresponding foreign currency, it must be done according to the S-1 model .

The fines for the omission of this declaration in Spain are very high and reach a cost above 50% of the value
Before the corresponding customs services , this report must always be delivered as a prevention of money laundering. Otherwise, the disregard of such duty faces penalties of 600 euros and 50% of the amount intervened . That is, the fine depends on whether the amount you want to take abroad is 10,000, 20,000 or 350,000 euros.

100,000 euros to move and 1,000 for cash payments
In addition, with regard to movement within Spain , the limit is set at 100,000 euros. Such amount responds to both bills and coins, as well as checkbooks or any other physical means. To be declared before the Provincial Dependencies of Customs and Special Taxes of the Tax Agency, the amount responds to both euros and its equivalent in a foreign currency.

A measure that is part of the reform of the law against money laundering. Regulations approved in recent days and which, among other issues, have also decreased the total amount to be paid in cash in a single operation. By setting this new ceiling at 1,000 euros, the penalties are also strong for non-compliance or attempt to not respect this payment.

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