Colombian Variant Mu And The New Stone Attacks Against Coronavirus Vaccines

Active since January, when the first cases of this variant of the coronavirus were detected in Colombia, Mu has been in recent days a new litmus test in the fight against the pandemic. And, despite not being of special importance in recent months, this week has been classified by the World Health Organization as of ” interest under surveillance .”

While Spain, in particular, and the rest of the world, in general, makes its efforts to reduce infections by the Delta variant , which already accounts for 90% of cases in many regions, a new variant of the coronavirus has spread warning of its dangerousness. Mu, born in Colombia, has recently joined C.1.2. , from South Africa, in which they threaten the most for the future.

And it is that Mu, or B.1.621. Due to its scientific name, it has mutations that can escape vaccines , so it would be resistant to the latest inoculations, generating as much concern as Delta has already achieved. Of course, even with many investigations ahead, since its range of action is around 0.1% , it is already present in large areas of Latin America.

Colombia and Ecuador, the countries with the greatest presence of Mu
Just as it arose in Colombia, where it occupies 39% of cases , Ecuador is the other country with great relevance in the Mu variant (13%). For this reason, the fact that the WHO has extended its surveillance on this variety of covid-19, which has the property of mutating in short periods of time.

In addition, among its characteristics that raise the most alert is the condition that antibodies can be ineffective to their mutations as well as it is more difficult to diagnose. In any case, the researchers continue the studies on Mu in order to learn more about this variant and stop it in time for it to become highly dangerous.

Currently, there are up to four variants that the WHO describes as worrisome , while five are in a monitored condition. A list where Mu has already been added as the last stone to emerge in the fight to bend the arm of the pandemic.

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