Don Juan Carlos Counterattacks And Attacks The Prosecutor’s Office

After transcending that the Supreme Court Prosecutor’s Office maintains that King Juan Carlos enriched himself by “collecting commissions and other benefits of a similar nature by virtue of his intermediation in international business affairs , ” the emeritus, from Abu Dhabi, has defended himself and has issued a statement through his lawyer, Javier Sánchez Junco.

Thus, it argues that the report that the Supreme Prosecutor’s Deputy, Juan Ignacio Campos , sent on February 24 to the Swiss Prosecutor’s Office “contains serious affirmations and accusations of conduct that is carried out, in our opinion, without any support and they lack the slightest justification, “according to El Mundo .

At the same time, he assures that the information collected “is contradicted by other facts about which nothing is said.”

Therefore, according to the father of Felipe VI , “such statements clearly violate the principle of presumption of innocence that protects every citizen, and assessments and considerations that seriously harm His Majesty El Rey D. Juan Carlos are transferred to public opinion, that he has been subject to an investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office for more than a year. “

As revealed by the same newspaper on Thursday, the Spanish Prosecutor’s Office has sent at least three rogatory commissions to the Swiss Prosecutor’s Office. Through them they request the research they have obtained about the Zagatka Foundation, specifically their accounts in Switzerland between 2016 and 2019. This foundation is managed by Álvaro de Orleans, cousin of the emeritus, who would have acted as his alleged front man to pay for succulent personal expenses.

One of the aforementioned commissions was sent on February 24. Curiously, 48 hours before King Juan Carlos’s lawyer announced that his client had paid 4.4 million euros to the Treasury for the funds that were being investigated.

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In these letters rogatory, based on the evidence found, the four possible crimes that are investigated, in the opinion of the emeritus and his lawyer, are indicated, without foundation: money laundering, against public finances, bribery and influence peddling.

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