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Digestion of 4M on Left Force New Socialist Region

The unmitigated defeat of the left in the regional elections in Madrid will force those responsible for intense reflection. Although Madrid is not Spain.

The discourse of insubordination in the face of the necessary discipline in the face of the pandemic may not catch on in other communities and complicity with the extreme right is punished.

The PSOE tries to limit the damage by sacrificing itself to its candidate, Ángel Gabilondo , and right now initiating diversionary campaigns such as the often postponed demolition of Susana Díaz’s leadership . Gabilondo’s campaign was indeed unfortunate.

But the unsuccessful strategy of cutting under the feet the local power of the PP with the collaboration of Cs was not exactly the decision of the socialist regional leaders.

And yet another lesson to learn, from the success of Más Madrid : on the plural left, making effective opposition, talking about real problems and being directly involved in the diverse reality of each of the territories can be more effective than the leaderships centralized and charismatic.

Like that of Iglesias , so imbued with narcissism when launching himself to the salvation of Madrid as when saying goodbye. However, that responsibility obtains less reward than frivolous demagoguery is yet another reason to consider ways of approaching the concerns, fears and demands of citizens rather than accusations or excuses.

Josep Antoni Tàssies shows us in this illustration in video format a giant man who does not seem to be very happy. This man’s gut is being scratched by another tiny character, showing that we are never grateful enough for what we have.

This is the sixth vignette that the artist draws for the Summer Supplement , which will be available until Friday, August 26. In it, the sections of Greater Barcelona, ​​Sports, Icult and People gain weight, and the focus will be on the most attractive information about the Catalan capital, the great summer festivals held in Catalonia, the social chronicle and sports .

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